"So we are saying the brain has an extraordinary capacity but that brain has been restricted, narrowed down by our education, our self interest"

- J Krishnamurti

The Concern of this Site

The concern of this site is to provide information on existing activities in education stemming from the work of J Krishnamurti, and to facilitate further development in this area.

Krishnamurti often stated that there can be no interpretation of his words. He also pointed out that all psychological authority is destructive. It is intended that these truths are reflected in the contents of this website.

As can be seen from the menu,  we have presented excerpts from J Krishnamurti speaking on education that might have special relevance to students, to parents, to teachers, to educationalists. We have also made available information and links to help people investigate into the meaning of 'Krishnamurti - related Education'.

What is a Krishnamurti School?

The Krishnamurti Foundations have created schools in England, USA and India. What exactly does it mean, a "Krishnamurti school"? Here is an enquiry into that question.

Krishnamurti and Education

Education was always one of Krishnamurti's chief concerns. He felt that if only the young and the old could be awakened to their conditioning of nationality, religion, prejudices, fears and desires, (which inevitably leads to conflict), then they might bring to their lives a totally different quality. His concern found expression in the establishment of Education Centres; schools for the young, and Study Centres/ Retreats for adults.