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A Flame of Learning

A Flame Of Learning, Krishnamurti with teachers. (Mirananda, 1993).

In these dialogues Krishnamurti sometimes acts as a new teacher coming to Brockwood, sometimes as a student who is there for the first time, really pushing the teachers to help him understand himself. If you take the time to go through these dialogues there will be much learning about the so-called "characteristics" of teachers. What seems to be most important is to establish communication.

"The first thing is that we are listening, so we are in communication. When we discuss, or have a dialogue, our minds are not in communication, because then you're thinking for yourself. Here both of us want to find out, go into it, explore the whole thing, so our brains are communicating with each other, so there is not me and you, battling about it. Right?

I say we have established communication, first. Right? Then you must carefully pursue this, together, not go off and then come back. We must keep at the same level all the time."              (A Flame of Learning, p.167)

It is really amazing how Krishnamurti brings in this intensity into these dialogues so that the old, mechanical brain is beaten out of its habitual track. Friendly but firmly!

Ann Vandewege