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Audio/Visual Material on Education


A Revolution in Consciousness
Five dialogues of Krishnamurti with students and staff at Rishi Valley and Brockwood Park schools
A Wholly Different Way of Living
Conversations with Prof. Allan W Anderson, San Diego 1974
Although this series of 18 dialogues cover a wide range of the teachings of Krishnamurti, Professor Anderson was Professor of religious studies at San Diego State university, and there is a strong emphasis on education throughout.


Education and the Challenges of Life (mp3)
6 talks - to school children, college students, teachers, and parents

Selected discussions 1969-1985 at Brockwood Park School

Some material available on the internet:


"The brain is always recording"
    - two dialogues with students in India

Many video can be found on You Tube by searching "Krishnamurti and Education"