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ethese quotes not yet used:

"One teaches because one wants the child to be rich inwardly, which will result in his giving right value to possessions. Without inner richness, worldly things become extravagantly important, leading to various forms of destruction and misery. One teaches to encourage the student to find his true vocation, and to avoid those occupations that foster antagonism between man and man. One teaches to help the young towards self-knowledge, without which there can be no peace, no lasting happiness. One's teaching is not self-fulfilment, but self-abnegation. 

     Without the right kind of teaching, illusion is taken for reality, and then the individual is ever in conflict within himself, and therefore there is conflict in his relationship with others, which is society. One teaches because one sees that self-knowledge alone, and not the dogmas and rituals of organized religion, can bring about a tranquil mind; and that creation, truth, God, comes into being only when the "me" and the "mine" are transcended."


"A school is a place of leisure where the educator and the one to be educated are both learning. This is the central fact of the school: to learn. We do not mean by leisure having time to oneself, though that is also necessary; it does not mean taking a book and sitting under a tree, or in your bedroom, reading casually. It does not mean a placid state of mind; it certainly does not mean being idle or using time for day-dreaming. Leisure means a mind that is not constantly occupied with something, with a problem, with some enjoyment, with some sensory pleasure. Leisure implies a mind that has infinite time to observe: observe what is happening around one and what is happening within oneself; to have leisure to listen, to see clearly. Leisure implies freedom, which is generally translated as doing as one desires, which is what human beings are doing anyhow, causing a great deal of mischief, misery and confusion. Leisure implies a quiet mind, no motive and so no direction. This is leisure and it is only in this state that the mind can learn, not only science, history, mathematics but also about oneself” 

audios used:


Is there such thing as right education?

Click on this link to listen to Krishnamurti speak on this question

26 minutes

For educationalists

"What is the point of education?"

A dialogue between Krishnamurti and Professor Allan Anderson.

click here to listen (1 hour)


What is the function of a school?

A talk at an education conference at Rishi Valley School, 19....

listen here (21 minutes)

For parents

What is right education? A response to a question asked by a parent. Click here to listen/download this mp3 file (26 minutes).

" ..... and what is one to do with children who are already contaminated, if I can use that word, by other children, by society ..."     read more..


What is the intention of parents and educators

 Click here to listen/download this mp3 file (26 minutes).

"What is the purpose of this so-called education? Is it to condition the children so that they have a career? Is it possible to cultivate the whole of the mind? ........... " 

 ..."     read more..

for students

Will You be like the rest of the World?

Listen to this talk by Krishnamurti to young students at Rishi Valley School 

for teachers

 "Awakening Intelligence in Students"

a talk by Krishnamurti (with questions) to teachers at the Rishi Valley School in India in 1970.

Krishnamurti asks the question"How to awaken a quality of intelligence which will act adequately when any problem arises in the life of the student?

click here to listen   (91 minut


"Right relationship between student and teacher"

Krishnamurti starts his talk by addressing students, and asking them is education meant to fit students into society, or what does it mean to be educated?  But later  his emphasis seems to shift towards teachers.

In teaching, what is important is not the subject, but the relationship between you and the teacher. If there is right relationship between you and the teacher, then what he teaches has a much deeper, non-mechanical meaning......... right relationship means I care for you.”

click here to listen   (42 minutes)


Will you be like the rest of the world?

Listen to a talk by Krishnamurti to young students at Rishi Valley School 

"The two questions I would ask if  I was a student"


talking to students at Mumbai University 1969 (51 minutes)
Inward flowering