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Projects in India

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India is a vast, varied country, and somehow in the less ordered, less regimented society, it seems there is more opportunity for individual initiatives. Undoubtedly there are quite a few educational initiatives flourishing (or struggling) which have something in common with the enquiry-based education that is associated with Krishnamurti's teachings. This is apart from the schools run by the Krishnamurti Foundation of India. 
We do not claim to be in touch with many of these projects. A few are listed to the right. A list of some alternative schools that we have heard of can be found at:
If people are interested, they should make their own enquiries, directly.
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Books, DVDs etc available on Krishnamurti in various Indian languages: See:
To see if there are titles on Krishnamurti-related education in a given language, please enquire using the links given.

The krishnamurti Foundation schools are listed at: 

General enquiries can be made to the Krishnamurti Foundation of India:

The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools can now be read on line at:

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Resident Students' Schemes in India
A project in operation for many years now is the Resident Students' Scheme, the aim of which is to enable serious people from any part of the world, especially the young, to take time off to delve deeply into Krishnamurti's teachings and to re-examine their lives. Resident students stay at the study centre on the beautiful campus of Vasanta Vihar, the KFI headquarters, for three months, during which time they can make use of the library there, take part in dialogues, and also engage in some activity of their choice. There is neither a fixed programme nor any expectation of results from the scheme . Board and Lodging is provided free of charge, and in fact there is a small allowance. For detailed information, contact:
There is a similar scheme at the study centre at the Valley School, Bangalore. Applications should be made to the directors of these centers.
At Rajghat study Centre there is a Research Scholarship. Here is the advert for it:
Applications are invited from individuals wishing to do research on any aspect of Krishnamurti’s teachings at the Krishnamurti Study Centre in Rajghat, Varanasi.
The scholarship carries a stipend of Rs. 3000/- per month with free accommodation and free meals at the Study Centre. It is awarded for an initial period of six months but can be extended further by mutual agreement. For details about the Study Centre please visit
Those interested in availing of this opportunity should send their bio-data along with details of the research they wish to undertake to In-charge Study Centre, K.F.I. , Rajghat Fort, Varanasi – 221 001, U.P., India E-mail :
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Special book offer in India
These books  are available at subsidized rates:
Education and the Significance of Life is available at Rs 20 only
Freedom from the Known Rs 20
Beyond Violence Rs 20
Think on these things Rs 50
The First and Last Freedom Rs 50
And there are other subidized books available from KFI.
In fact there is a Krishnamurti Free Book Distribution Scheme at KFI headquarters at Vasant Vihar, Chennai. Contact:


Home-educating is increasing in popularity in India, as parents see their children becoming victims of an inhumane state/private educational system. For more information visit the website: 

Some Particular Projects/Schools

TFL is a small informal learning centre located in Palakkad for students between the ages of three and sixteen. Our attempt is to create an environment where children and adults can learn and inquire together in freedom and affection, without fear and compulsion – which may awaken a sense of creativity and responsibility in the participants. A curriculum which will enable this through nurturing skills in academic and non-academic areas will play a vital role in realizing this objective.
The educational vision of J Krishnamurti has been the shaping spirit behind this venture ….... read more. 


The Centre for Learning  is always happy to hear from people who are interested in enquiry based education; an education concerned with the totality of life. Various arrangements are possible for staff. 

CFL was started in 1990 by a small group of teachers who worked at the Valley school, Bangalore – one of the Krishnamurti Foundation of India schools. Many teachers in CFL are still inspired by J. Krishnamurti's educational work. The school has grown, but it is intended to keep it as a small, family-like place. It has a wonderful campus 40 km west of Bangalore.

More details can be found on its website: 

 Shibumi is a school that started in June 2008, and is now situated on a campus outside Bangalore. The deepest concern of the school is to bring up children who are free, responsible and concerned with the whole of life.

The teachers are a group committed to self-inquiry in the light of the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Some have worked for many years in Krishnamurti schools and the  younger staff have studied in these schools.

The maximum number of children will be about a hundred. Children of all ages will be admitted, starting around 6 years.

The website for Shibumi can be found at:


Aaverbhav – The School    (Hyderabad)

A brief introduction from the words of the founder:

What is the purpose/significance of education and life?  This question was asked by Krishnamurti and has been an ancient one. As T. S. Eliot said to know what we want in education we must know what we want in general.   Is education just to earn a living,  .......  click here to continue 

ISP Foundation Public School
Malerkotla Road, Dinghi,
Dist.- Patiala, Punjab


Suman K B is a home-educator who has been inspired by Krishnamurti's work. He also runs a small retreat centre at his home in Kerala.