Help with starting Krishnamurti-related schools in India.

As somebody who is now currently associated with The KFI Chennai, coordinating our outreach activities I think I can reply to some questions.

The KFI does not at this juncture have any plans to start or run another school other than the ones they are already managing.

The KFi does however encourage anybody who wants to start a school based on Krishnaji's philosophy. Whatever resources needed for the same in the form of Krishnamurti's books books, inputs on Krishnaji's thoughts discussions etc with people in/from K-schools can be provided/arranged.

Quite a few schools like CFL Bangalore, Shibumi, Bangalore, Goodearth Chennai have been started by ex K- school teachers. Many more like The Sholai school, The Blue mountain school, Vidyaranya, Peepalgrove etc have been influenced by K's philosophy

So do go ahead and start your own school. 
Feel free to write to me at this mail id or at
I will do whatever can be done from the foundation's side.