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Temple For Learning

Temple for Learning is a centre created for learning about ourselves and our relationship with the world. Learning in this context, does not mean merely academic learning. It involves exploring critical aspects of our life like our emotions, beliefs, habitual ways of thinking and responding.

TFL is a small informal learning centre located in Palakkad for students between the ages of three and sixteen. Our attempt is to create an environment where children and adults can learn and inquire together in freedom and affection, without fear and compulsion – which may awaken a sense of creativity and responsibility in the participants.  A curriculum which will enable this through nurturing skills in academic and non-academic areas will play a vital role in realizing this objective.

The educational vision of J Krishnamurti has been the shaping spirit behind this venture.

We would like children to have an education that does not use reward and punishment to motivate them. Education today mindlessly and systematically employs reward and punishment to motivate children even though we know that competition distorts the real spirit of learning and destroys creativity and enjoyment. In such a scenario it is important that we have spaces of learning where the child does not experience such corrosive stress.

We endeavour to teach the fundamentals of language and arithmetic with the minimum of pain and pressure. Academic skills will be integrated into activities like drama, music, dance, pottery, art, craft, gardening, nature walks, making and playing with toys, bird watching, astronomy, travelling together, reciting and listening to poems, cleaning and caring for things, building simple structures, etc. To care for the land and use it as a rich educational resource, and to learn about the impact that human settlement has on land will form an important part of our learning process.

As teachers we would like to work cooperatively, without hierarchy or formal structure. We look at parents as partners in the learning process. Along with the teachers and students, parents are crucial in creating the ethos of the school.

TFL: Key Features: 

 Individual learning spaces for subjects.

  Language, Science and Math labs; History room etc.

        Books, maps, graphs, models, related to particular subject will be available. 

Vertical or multi-grade learning

To enable diverse ways of exploring a specific topic and to enhance cooperative learning.

 Discussions, Games, Activities and Multi media.

A student centered learning based on direct interaction and application.

Games and Activities to supplement class room learning.

The effective use of multimedia. 

Deepening interest in subjects through: 

▪        Computer Games

▪        Math Activities

▪        Abacus

▪        Toys

▪        Card Games 

◦        Science Activities

▪        Farming

▪        Documentaries

▪        Experiments 

◦        Language Learning

▪        Flash Cards

▪        Computer

▪        Books

▪        Games


Currently TFL offers:  

Ø      A space for learning for children who wish to be regular students.

Ø      An alternative space for learning for children who study in other schools.



Vinod Krishnan G

Sree Muruga, West Yakkara, Palakkad 678001, Kerala, India

email –

Ph - +919400533906