Favorite Quote:
"Conventional education makes independent thinking extremely difficult. Conformity leads to mediocrity. To be different from the group or to resist environment is not easy and is often risky as long as we worship success. The urge to be successful, which is the pursuit of reward whether in the material or in the so-called spiritual sphere, the search for inward or outward security, the desire for comfort – this whole process smothers discontent, puts an end to spontaneity and breeds fear; and fear blocks the intelligent understanding of life.”
- From the book “Education and the Significance of Life”, by Krishnamurti.
Available Educational Material in Arabic:
A)    Translated Books:
a.   The Urgency of Change
B)    Subtitled Visual Material:
a.    Washington Talks
Ongoing Projects:
A)  Translation of the following books
a.    Education and the significance of life
b.    Think on these things
c.    Beyond Violence
d.    First and Last Freedom
e.    The Book of Life
B)  We are working on creating some educational institutions, which will be announced in due course
For more information, please contact the following committees and information centers:

A)   Bahrain – Manama: Abdul-Hussain Faraj: ahfaraj@gmail.com 
B)   Egypt - Cairo: Youssef Abagui:  sycamore@internetegypt.com
C)   Jordan - Amman: Zafira Labadi: zafira@orange.jo
D)   Kuwait –  Kuwait City: Abdullah Ali: eslq8@yahoo.com
E)   Palestine – Haifa: Robert Sayegh: robert.sayegh@gmail.com
F)  Tunisia – Tunis: Mohammad Habib Belhaouane: belhaouanehabib@yahoo.fr
Krishnamurti Committee in the Arab World
The Krishnamurti Committee in the Arab World would like to encourage all Arabic speaking people who are interested in Krishnamurti’s teachings, and in the dissemination of the teachings in the Arab world to contact the committee. If you are interested in translating or  reviewing the translations of Krishnamurti’s books; subtitling videos; developing a website; or simply making the teachings available for all those who may be interested in K’s teachings in your area; we would like to hear from you. On the other hand, if you need more information about Krishnamurti; his books or videos; or just to discuss his teachings with like-minded people; we would be very happy to help.
Please send your inquiries and ideas to the following email address: zafira@orange.jo
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
We are planning to have our first K committee gathering here in Amman in July 09. Please see attached word document for more details, and feel free to send it to anyone who might be interested in joining us. click here
A list of material in English can be found on this website at:  Books DVDs etc
General Krishnamurti material  in English is available from:
a. The Krishnamurti Foundation on line shop: kfoundation.org.uk/acatalog/Books.html
b. www.pathless.com
If you know of any Krishnamurti educational material in Arabic, please inform us.
If you have material you would like added to this page, please contact us.