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"I think it is clear that the pattern which we now cultivate and call education, which is conformity to society, is very, very destructive"  

This page presents information and links for those interested in an academic study of Krishnamurti's work and legacy in Education.

What is Krishnamurti Education?

After reading any of Krishnamurti's books on education, many ask "Just how can this be implemented in the classroom?". Here is an article by  Prof. P. Krishna, ex-Rector of Rajghat Education Centre, Varanasi  India. Click here

What is a Krishnamurti School?

"What is a Krishnamurti School?" is another article on the website which explores just what is Krishnamurti-related education question.  Click here to read this.

Some Books and Papers

Some books and monograpths on Krishnamurti-related Education and the Krishnamurti Schools: click here

Intellect, Authority and Intelligence

This is the third chapter of Krishnamurti's book "Education and the Significance of Life". click here  to transfer to this page.

"With the world falling into ruin about us, we discuss theories and vain political questions, and play with superficial reforms. Does this not indicate utter thoughtlessness on our part? Some may agree that it does, but they will go on doing exactly as they have always done - and that is the sadness of existence. When we hear a truth and do not act upon it, it becomes a poison within ourselves, and that poison spreads, bringing psychological disturbances, unbalance and ill health. Only when creative intelligence is awakened in the individual is there a possibility of a peaceful and happy life"

Krishnamurti and the Scientific Temper

This is another article by  Prof. P. Krishna, ex-Rector of Rajghat Education Centre, Varanasi  India. It was originally published in "The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools", No. 1

"Science deals with the measurable and thought can measure, record and communicate its findings; but religion deals with the immeasurable and thought cannot capture the immeasurable; it can only be sensed when thought is silent".

click here to read this article

many other learned articles can be found on Professor Krishna's website:


What is the function of a school?

A talk at an education conference at Rishi Valley School, 19....
listen here (21 minutes)

"What is the point of education?"
A dialogue between Krishnamurti and Professor Allan Anderson.
click here to listen (1 hour)

Education as a Religious Activity

An article by Scott Forbes, former principal of Brockwood Park School.

This article summarizes the implications of Krishnamurti’s work in education for 1) the intentions of education, 2) the physical nature and places for education, 3) the nature of the students and staff, and 4) the activities of an education centre.

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Exam questions from a Philosophy course

Professor Raymond Martin’s list of examination questions from one of his philosophy courses involving the work of Krishnamurti (Study Questions for a course in Contemporary Eastern Philosophy, Spring, 1985).  click here to transfer to this page.

Rishi Valley Satellite Schools and Beyond

The remarkable  story of the development of the Rishi Valley satellite schools, and how with the involvement of UNICEF, the World Bank, and the European Commission this is being extended into other countries. Click here to read this article.

Various pieces of research on Krishnamurti

 with special reference to education

In 1996 Krishnamurti's works were being studied in over 100 American colleges and universities in faculties of philosophy, psychology, religion and education. To list all the research done around Krishnamurti-related education is beyond the scope of the website, but click here for the mention of a few.

"You have to be educated so that you become a really beautiful, healthy, sane, rational human being, not a brutal man with a very clever brain, who can argue and defend his brutality" 

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"