Books and Papers on Krishnamurti-related Education and Schools


Khare, B.B. (1985) "Things of the Mind" New York: Philosophical Library, (U.S.A.) 

Krishnamurti: A Spiritual Revolutionary By Henry Methorst (see  )

The Years of Awakening
The Years of Fulfilmen
The Open Door
 By Mary Lutyens, comprising the most  comprehensive biograpthy of Krishnamurti
Consensed into one book as "The Life and Death of Krishnamurti"

"Krishnamurti - a biograpthy by Pupul Jayajar complements the above with a detailed accoount of his life and dialogues in India

(for full texts of the above see

Ritio,Ed.(1998) "Practice and Perspective:Two Vews of Experiential Education" in Horwood, Bert (1998) "Experience and the Curriculum" U.S.: Pub.  Association of Experiential Education. 

Thapan, Meenakas (1991) "Life at School" Deli, New York: Oxford University Press.

 - about Rishi Valley School

Weeraperuma, Susunaga (1982) "Supplement to a Bibliography of the life and teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti" Bombay: Chetana, (India)

-  some educational references.

Vyas, Savitri "A Critical Study of Jiddu Krishnamurti's Educational thoughts"  Ahmedabad 1989, (India)



A series of scholarly monographs have been published by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America (KFA). A complete list can be viewed here, and purchases made ($2.50 each). This is a list of the ones especially concerned with education:

Monograph 10 - Education as Religious Activity  (review)   To view the whole article on the web. click here

Monograph 11 - Krishnamurti's Approach to Education  (review)

Monograph 12 - The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti and their Links with Educational Drama and Theatre  (review) 


Aveling, Harry (1990) "Krishnamurti on Education"pp 33-36, in Social  Perspectives (1990) Vol.9 No. 1.