Some items of research done on Krishnamurti Education

I have read a number of these  publications and research papers and am  interested in working with others  towards the generation of practically applied educational  material that is underpinned by the teachings. If anyone has any questions or comments please contact
 A Herron  email:

In 1996 Krishnamurti's works were being studied in over 100 American colleges and universities in faculties of philosophy, psychology, religion and education. To list all the research done around Krishnamurti-related education is beyond the scope of the website, but below a few a mentioned.


Herron, Alastair (2002) “Krishnamurti , Holistic Education and Art Education”

- PhD Thesis; National University of Ireland . 

Hunter, Alan (1988), "Seeds of Truth: Jiddu Krishnamurti as Religious Teacher and Educator"

- PhD Thesis, University of Leeds (U.K.) [Brockwood Park & Rishi Valley staff and sometimes students]


Nalls, Ann (1987) "The Oak Grove School: An Alternative Approach to Education and its effects upon the creativity of  its students"

- Ed D Thesis, University of Georgia (U.S.A.) .[Torrens test on creativity re Oak Grove School students]

Pilley, Khben (1998) "Non-Dualism, a theoretical and experiential perspective for the practice of Educational Drama and Theatre"

- PhD Thesis.  University of Durban South Africa)

Thapan,Meenakas(1985) "Education and Ideology; The School as a scio-cultural System"

 - Ph D Thesis, University of Delhi (India) [revised and published as book; see below].[Rishi Valley]

Han Ching-Chun (1991) "Comparing the "educated person" conception of Dewey and Krishnamurti "

- Ph D Thesis, Columbia University (U.S.A.) 1991.

Kobbekaduwa, L.A. (1991) "Education and the educated person, a Comparison of Jiddu Krishnamurti and R.S. Peters "

-  PhD Thesis, University of AJberta (U.S.A.)

Gunnarsson, Gisi Thor (1987)1'The Revolution of consciousness: a literature survey research"

-  M.A. Thesis, San Francisco State University (U.S.A.)



Aveling, Harry (1990) "Krishnamurtion Education"pp33-36,inSocia]Perspectives(1990) Vol.9 No. 1.


Currie, Jan; Breadmore, Jim (1983)"Montessori and Krishnamurti; A comparison of their Educational Philosophies and Schools in Practice in the U.S. and India." Annual Conference of Austrialian Comparative and International Education Society (l 1 th, Hamilton, N.Z., August 21-22,24 1983) 

Nduwumwami, Louis(l979?) "Krishnamurti et L'Education: Edition du Roucher"  (France) 

Cavanaugh, Thomas C. (1979) "The General and Educational Philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti and its relevance to contemporary education" University of Southern Califomia: Ed.D. Diss.(U.S.A.)

Doyle, James M. (1987) "J.  Krishnamurti: A study of his leadership".  Ph.D. diss., The School of Human Behaviour, United States International University.(U.S.A.) 

Gandhi, Firoze Dosabhai (1973) "The Psychological Philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti' M.S. in Education dissertation.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.(U.S.A.) 

Holden, Lawrence Kirk (1971) "The Structure of Krishnamurti's Phonomenological observations and its psychological Implications".  Ph.D. diss., United States International University.(U.S.A.) 

Horne, Robert Allen (1973) "A worldview synthesis of Gestalt therapy and J. Krishnamurti". Ph.D. diss., Califomia School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.(U.S.A.) 

John, Francis P. (1990) "The stillness of the Mind, J. Krishnamurti's challenge to psychology".  Psychology D. diss., The School of Professional Psychology of Wright State University.(U.S.A.)  

"Rechtshaffer, lra (1 977) "The awakened mind: A comparative study of J.Krishnamurti, Chogyan Trungpa Rimpoche and Bubba Free John" Ph.D. diss.:Califomia Institute of Integral Studies. (U.S.A.) 

Rogan, Daniel Patrick (1 980) "The nature and experience of 'Will' in Theosophy, Depth Psychology, Krishnamurti, and EST." Ph.D. diss., Califomia Institute of Integral Studies.(U.S.A.)

Rodrigues, Hillary(2001) “Krishnamurti’s Insight: An examination of His teachings on the Nature of Mind and Religion”  Varanasi: Book Faith India. 

Rodrigues, Hillary(l 990) "Insight and the Religious Mind" New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Martin, Donald W. (1975) "An Analysis of Selected Works of Jiddu Krishnamurti: Implications for Higher Education" Ph D Thesis: University of Cincinnati, Ohio (U.S.A.).

See also Professor Rene Barbier l’Univesite de Paris 8 [Saint-Denis] research  group G.R.E.K..