For Parents

"To love one's children is to be in complete communication with them:

it is to see that they have the right kind of education that will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated"

- J Krishnamurti

   The problem  is not the child, but the parent and the teacher ...

The problem is not the child, but the parent and teacher; the problem is to educate the educator.
The [child] is there to be guided and helped; but if the guide, the helper is himself confused and narrow, nationalistic and theory-ridden, then naturally his pupil will be what he is, and education becomes a source of further confusion and strife.

If we see the truth of this, we will realize how important it is that we begin to educate ourselves rightly. To be concerned with our own re-education is far more necessary than to worry about the future well-being and security of the child.

We have to encourage the spirit of inquiry ...   

     To enable the child to grow up free from prejudice, one has first to break down all prejudice within oneself, and then in one's environment - which means breaking down the structure of this thoughtless society which we have created.....

To raise a child sanely, to help him to be perceptive so that he sees through these stupid prejudices, we have to be in close relationship with him. We have to talk things over and let him listen to intelligent conversation; we have to encourage the spirit of inquiry and discontent which is already in him, thereby helping him to discover for himself what is true and what is false.

If parents love their children ...

    If parents love their children they will not be nationalistic, they will not identify themselves with any country; for the worship of the State brings on war, which kills or maims their sons. If parents love their children, they will discover what is right relationship to property; for the possessive instinct has given property an enormous and false significance which is destroying the world. If parents love their children, they will not belong to any organized religion; for dogma and belief divide people into conflicting groups, creating antagonism between man and man. 

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What is right education? A response to a question asked by a parent. Click here to listen/download this mp3 file (26 minutes).

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What is the intention of parents and educators

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"What is the purpose of this so-called education? Is it to condition the children so that they have a career? Is it possible to cultivate the whole of the mind? ........... "


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"If a child does not find his true vocation, all his life will seem wasted. He will feel frustrated doing something which he does not want to do"

Brockwood Park- a mother's story of her children and the school
 "We began to see that there was so much more to life than running a school efficiently, having exams and rushing towards some vague goal".
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Her future was as confused and as miserable as that of the others in the room ...

The sun was bright on the white wall opposite, and its glare made the faces obscure. A little child, without the prompting of the mother, came and sat close by, wide-eyed and wondering what it was all about. She was freshly washed and clothed and had some flowers in her hair. She was keenly observing everything, as children do, without recording too much. Her eyes were sparkling, and she did not quite know what to do, whether to cry, to laugh or to jump; instead, she took my hand and looked at it with absorbing interest. Presently she forgot all those people in the room, relaxed and went to sleep with her head in my lap. Her head was of good shape and well balanced; she was spotlessly clean. Her future was as confused and as miserable as that of the others in the room. Her conflict and sorrow were as inevitable as that sun on the wall; for to be free of pain and misery needs supreme intelligence, and her education and the influences about her would see to it that she was denied this intelligence.

Do Parents love their Children?

    "Oh," said a girl, "but our parents love us. They don't want any harm for us. It is out of love they want us to obey, tell us what studies we must take, how to shape our lives." 

    Every parent says he loves his children. It is only the abnormal who hates his children or the abnormal child that really hates his parents. Every parent throughout the world says he loves his children, but does he? Love implies care, great concern not only when they are young, but to see that they have the right kind of education, that they are not killed in wars, and to see to a change in the social structure with its absurd morality. If the parents have love for their children they will see that they do not conform; they will see that they learn instead of imitate. If they really love them they will bring about vast changes so that you can live sanely, happily and securely. Not only you in this room but everyone all over the world.