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“…and I think the teaching profession is the highest profession in the world. Though one acquires very little money out of it I think it is the greatest thing. Really I do. Really think that. It isn’t just verbal rhetorical assertion. It’s the greatest thing, because in our hands lie the whole future generation"

The Right Kind of Education begins with .... 
The right kind of education begins with the educator, who must understand himself and be free from established patterns of thought; for what he is, that he imparts. If he has not been rightly educated, what can he teach except the same mechanical knowledge on which he himself has been brought up? The problem, therefore, is not the child, but the parent and the teacher; the problem is to educate the educator. 

If you decide that you want to teach ...

The first thing a teacher must ask himself, when he decides that he wants to teach, is what exactly he means by teaching. Is he going to teach the usual subjects in the habitual way? Does he want to condition the child to become a cog in the social machine, or help him to be an integrated, creative human being, a threat to false values? And if the educator is to help the student to examine and understand the values and influences that surround him and of which he is a part, must he not be aware of them himself? If one is blind, can one help others to cross to the other shore?


books/talks especially for teachers

A list of books, DVDs, etc of K in dialogue with teachers can be found on the book page.

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 "Awakening Intelligence in Students"

a talk by Krishnamurti (with questions) to teachers at the Rishi Valley School in India in 1970.

Krishnamurti asks the question "How to awaken a quality of intelligence which will act adequately when any problem arises in the life of the student?

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"Right relationship between student and teacher"

Krishnamurti starts his talk by addressing students, and asking them is education meant to fit students into society, or what does it mean to be educated?  But later  his emphasis seems to shift towards teachers.

“In teaching, what is important is not the subject, but the relationship between you and the teacher. If there is right relationship between you and the teacher, then what he teaches has a much deeper, non-mechanical meaning......... right relationship means I care for you.”

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 All authority is a hindrance ...  
     All authority is a hindrance, and it is essential that the educator should not become an authority for the student.

Systems of Education ...
     If we are in earnest about being the right kind of teachers, we shall be thoroughly dissatisfied, not with a particular system of education, but with all systems, because we see that no educational method can free the individual. A method or a system may condition him to a different set of values, but it cannot make him free. 

The right kind of educator is truly religious ...
    Because he is devoted solely to the freedom and integration of the individual, the right kind of educator is deeply and truly religious. He does not belong to any sect, to any organized religion; he is free of beliefs and rituals, for he knows that they are only illusions, fancies, superstitions projected by the desires of those who create them. He knows that reality or God comes into being only when there is self-knowledge and therefore freedom.

As long as education is only a job ...
    As long as education is only a job  like any other, conflict and enmity among individuals and among the various class levels of society are inevitable; there will be increasing competition, the ruthless pursuit of personal ambition, and the building up of the national and racial divisions which create antagonism and endless wars..


Teacher Training

At Rishi Valley School, India, there is a teacher training course orientated to Krishnamurti-related education.