Education was always one of Krishnamurti's chief concerns. He felt that if only the young and the old could be awakened to their conditioning of nationality, religion, prejudices, fears, and desires, which inevitably leads to conflict, they might bring to their lives a totally different quality. His concern found expression in the establishment of schools and study centers in India and elsewhere.

These are the 'official' Krishnamurti Schools, that is, run by the Krishnamurti Foundations:

In UK:
Brockwood Park

Oak Grove School

In India:
Rishi Valley Education Center
Rajghat Education Center  
The School (KFI)  
The Valley School 
Sahyadri School

For more information visit the individual websites, or for an overview see

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There are also "unofficial schools", not under the auspices of the Foundation, but founded and run by those who feel inspired by Krishnamurti's vision of education. Here are some of these, probably not an exclusive list. Inclusion on this website does not infer any endorsement of them:

In Argentina

In India
Good Earth School         read more  

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In New Zealand

The Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools

now available on line

"Inward Flowering"

A discussion between Krishnamurti and students and staff at Brockwood Park School

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"Krishnamurti: I think it would be good if we could talk over together this morning the question of whether here, in this community, each one of us is flowering, and growing inwardly. Or are we each following a certain narrow groove, so that at the end of our life we will realize that we have never taken the opportunity to flower completely, and regret it for the rest of our life? Could we go into that?

We should ask, I think, not only now as students at Brockwood, but also as educators, whether we are inwardly and perhaps also outwardly - they are really related - whether we are growing, not physically taller or stronger, but inwardly, psychologically, flowering. ..."

Krishnamurti-realated education in India - official projects

For a list of all the official projects in India around Krishnamurti - related education, see: